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Enfield Garages


Enfield Garages - Caring for the Environment


Tyres At Enfield Garages we take the environment seriously. All of our tyres are disposed of by RRS (Rubber Recycling Solutions). RRS are committed to a strict 'No Landfill Policy' and have over 200 years of collective experience within the UK tyre industry.


Oils All of our waste oil is collected by OSS Group, one of Europes largest waste oil treatment companies. They specialise in recovering oil, cleaning it and re-using it.


Catalytic Converters All of our spent catalytic converters are returned to the manufacturer for recycling.


Office Waste Recycling We have a strict company policy on paper recycling - all our waste paper is either used again within our office or disposed of in recycling bins. All of our printer ink cartridges are returned to the manufacturer for recycling. We even have our very own eco-warrior who spent 14 months in Antarctica monitoring the environment as part of his PhD research. He has been instrumental in the implementation of our environmental policy.


Wheel Balancing Weights We no longer use lead wheel balancing weights. Instead we prefer to use the environmentally friendly zinc alloy alternative which comply to the End of Life Vehicle directive (ELV).

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