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Enfield Garages

Servicing at Enfield Garages


Servicing your car regularly can extend it's life as defects can be found before they become too expensive. At Enfield Garages we can perform a number of services on your vehicle, from an oil change through to a full service. We are also able to run a full engine management test on your vehicle should the need arise using the latest in diagnostic computing techniques. The cost of a full service for most cars is £80 + parts + VAT. Please call 020 8804 1949 for further details and confirmation or send an e-mail to

We have found within the motor trade that many garages have staff who work on a bonus scheme and fit un-necessary parts to increase their earnings. We at Enfield Garages feel this is totally un-fair for you, the customer, which is why none of our staff work on bonus or incentive schemes. Parts will only be fitted to your vehicle if it is essential. We will never carry out un-necessary work and will always contact you before proceeding with any additional work.

At Enfield Garages we appreciate that the public's perception of the motor trade in recent years has not been good. After being in business for over 40 years, our reputation is built on our good workmanship, attention to detail and customer care. The majority of our customers come to us through recommendations from friends and family. If you would like to be able to recommend a good garage to your friends and family, then why not come to us for your next service.


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